Coping Best I Can

Last updated: April 2023

One Sunday morning 5 years ago, sitting at my dressing table, preparing to out for the day I closed my right eye and suddenly noticed a circular spot in my left. I had no idea what it was. I was 78 at the time.

Receiving an eye injection

Early Monday morning I called the Wilmer Eye Clinic where I got yearly eye checks and explained my symptoms. Immediately I was given an appointment with a retina specialist.

After several tests, it was confirmed. I had wet macular degeneration. I was stunned and knew very little about the disease. I received a shot of Eylea that morning. Not long after, the dark spot disappeared and my sight seemed good.

My other eye remains stable

More recently, that same eye bled behind the retina and is continuing to have center vision distortion. I have been getting Eylea every month. Not too much progress but the other eye is symptom-free.

My husband and I are traveling and continue most exercise activities.

I want to be as active as I can, but the disease does cause anxiety frequently. We are looking forward to a Viking cruise in May.

I have just discovered this forum and am grateful for it.

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