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AMD and Me

As a child I was born with crossed eyes.

This was a long time ago as I am now 77. I had amblyopia. I have no depth perception. I would run into walls and break my glasses. I stood too close to a kid hitting balls with a baseball bat and got a scar o my forehead. I had to sit at the teacher's desk to see the blackboard. I need to be in the front row to see what is going on.

Hobbies I still enjoy

I went to college and got a masters degree. I have written four fiction books. I have created art works in different media. I sew and crochet. I love to read. As a child I always thought that someday I would be blind. PreserVision is keeping the progression of my disease from going too fast.

Blurry vision and cataracts

When I had cataracts removed, my right eye (the good one) got another cataract. It is blurry all the time, but my Dr. is afraid that if it is removed it will exacerbate the AMD. I am afraid that when I go to take my next driver's test I will fail (came close last time). Getting to be this old has taken a toll on me, but if I lose color vision or become legally blind.

I say that I will take my life, but what I will probably do is just sit in my recliner and be depressed all the time. This disease, as they all are, is very hard to live with and I am not one of those people who is resilient enough to be positive about it. I will just give up.

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