Diagnosis of Advanced AMD

I went in for my yearly eye exam from my health care provider. I was aware of having AMD for at least ten years at that time but around the age of 62 or so I had a blood vessel go in my right eye and now my center vision was gone.

I thought they could fix it

I thought they could check it out and fix it. The optometrist was not that informed and was freaked out when I could not see the eye chart. He called in another doctor and with a rather panicked look told me I must see a ophthalmologist right away, he could not do anything for me and the condition was permanent.

No sensitivity at all, so I assumed it could not be that bad. Now many years later and still getting eye injections every six weeks with only one eye with decent vision I realize that things will more than likely get worse as time goes by.


I now have floaters in the good eye and have learned to ignore them so that I see fairly well. As I am into photography I don't take pictures much anymore as trying to adjust lenses and my vision just does not work as well as It once did. I have to get my driver's license renewed yearly and as I am the main caretaker for my wife who has stage four cancer life can get complicated and difficult at times.

My biggest complaint is the nonchalance that the doctors have about AMD with no insight as to progress of AMD or any future cures.

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