16 Years of Wet AMD & Still Seeing Well

Last updated: August 2022

In January 2006 my ophthalmologist diagnosed me with wet AMD in my right eye. They mentioned that I would go blind except for peripheral vision, and cold-laser treatments might slow that. That same week I read of the need for subjects in a study of Lucentis for those who met the criteria.

Three injections in three months

Cut to the chase: The next week I met the criteria. In three injections in the first three months of 2006, I regained right-eye vision from about 20/200-400 to about 20/35. This is 16 years later, and I still get regular injections and see well in both eyes.

Cataract surgery was next

The left eye showed some early signs of wet AMD but got quick 3-4 injections and has stayed well. In between--after linear treatments showed wet AMD patients could safely get cataract surgery. I needed it and got it and began to see it even better (about 5 years ago).

Genetic component

Both of my parents had wet AMD in both eyes and were legally blind for the last 10 years of their lives. I was rescued from blindness, and as a writer/author, I've written more than one million published words within the 16 years of my injections. The injections are painless to and only cause a little overnight fog until my eyes are clear again.

Reccomendation from experience

I do need more light and more magnification for presbiopia (old-age eyes is the Greek etymology here). Each case is different. My experiences cause me to counsel: SEE A RETINA SPECIALIST!
From blurred vision and curved lines to optimal vision with injections for wet-AMD.

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