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Just a Filthy Windshield or MMD Progression?

I was fortunate to be able to buy a new vehicle back in 2019, and she is a beauty, if I do say so myself. Without naming names, she is an SUV. This enables the short little me (all 4 feet and 10 inches of me) to sit up higher in traffic. I chose a pretty shade of red — not just any red, I was told, but 3 layers of red that set off a glimmering sheen on a bright, sunny day.

Needless to say, I really love this car.

I take pride in keeping my car clean

I take pride in keeping her clean, often running through our local car wash twice a week, ensuring her beauty shines through. To be honest, there is no way I could possibly wash this car myself; it is a height-deficient challenge. I would be lucky enough to reach the side windows, never mind the roof or the hood. Best to do the drive-through wash and keep her looking as pristine as I can.

It was while driving her recently that myopic macular degeneration decided to visit, upfront and personal.

The struggle to see in bad weather

As I was driving through our little town, the weather was quite dreary. A slow, steady rain had been falling for what seemed like days. The splatters and splashes off the pavement quickly mucked up my vehicle, covering all sides and windows with an annoying display of its handiwork. My windshield wipers were working overtime, trying their best to keep things clear enough to see well.

Unfortunately, the struggle to do so was real. Throughout the course of those past few days of inclement weather, a film of grunge had also covered most of my sweet ride. A combination of rain and dirt created a new dilemma. As I work through seeing well with myopic macular degeneration, everything works better if it is clean and clear and bright. These windows were everything but that.

Was the windshield the problem, or was it worsening eyesight?

The first step to rectify this matter was to turn on the windshield wipers. Regrettably, this further worsened the situation. By turning on the windshield wipers, I created a smear of grime, dirt, and water, thus obscuring my view even more. At the time, I remember thinking, "Is it the windshield that is not clear or have my eyes taken a dramatic turn for the worse?"

Honestly, this new thought is scary for me. I wonder if this is the direction I am heading towards, a field of vision that is a combination of smudge and obscurity. Thus far, I am dealing with MMD in 1 eye. Is this what the outlook would be if I was afflicted with MMD in both eyes?

I wish clearing up MMD was as easy as a windshield

This sense of unknownness makes me very uneasy and, at times, quite anxious. I have adapted to having one "good" eye and can often compensate in challenging situations by relying on this eye. The thought of both eyes being afflicted changes the whole course of my living with MMD.

I quickly realized that the windshield just needed a quick window wash spray. A good wiping of the wipers and my field of vision was clear again.

I wish it was that easy to clear up the MMD damage I have in my "bad eye."

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