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Simple Changes Can Make Living With MD Easier

When your vision begins to deteriorate, there are some simple things you can do immediately to make life a little easier. As needed, you will find other creative ways to add but this list will get you started!

Making changes for vision loss at home

  • Have magnifying glasses in every room for easy access whenever you need one. Don’t forget to stick one in your purse or carry in a pocket when you are out.
  • Invest in a large, lighted magnifier that sits on the floor next to the chair where you read the most. It will make reading the small print much easier.
  • Mount a swing-out mirror on your bathroom wall for grooming, shaving, and applying make-up. Make sure one side is magnified.

Macular degeneration tips for travel

  • Keep a magnifier handy in the glove compartment or in the door storage.
  • Make sure you always have sunglasses handy in case you need them.
  • If you are still driving, slow down and drive more cautiously. Use your cruise control and take your time. You may not see or read signs as quickly.
  • Allow extra time to adapt and get to your destination. When possible, ask others to drive when in unfamiliar areas to eliminate the stress of reading a new address.
  • Think about limiting or eliminating nighttime driving when the glare of headlights can cause vision problems.

Choosing the best devices for your eyesight

Bigger and brighter is always better! Buy the largest screen you can on a tablet or cell phone.

  • Most cell phones have a magnifier you can access. Move the magnifier icon where you can find it quickly. This will come in handy in many ways!
  • If available on your devices, activate, “Find my (device).” If you misplace your phone or tablet, you can locate it easily with this feature.
  • Change to a larger font in the Settings of your devices to make the type bigger.
  • Add a reminder to pop up daily to use the Amsler Grid in your cell phone or tablet.

Staying physically active

  • If you enjoy walking but feel less confident, consider using walking poles. They will give you extra support.
  • In inclement weather, you might try mall walking indoors.
  • Find an indoor pool and swim or do some pool walking.
  • When you don’t want to go out, try house walking. Carry hand weights for more intensity.
  • Work with a personal trainer at a gym who can help you with equipment set-up & good form.

These are just a few, simple changes that can be made quickly and with little effort. There will be many other things you will discover along the way.

The most important thing is to NOT stop living!

Many people with macular degeneration live full and productive lives and discover creative ways to continue doing activities they enjoy. Sometimes adjustments will be required but you don’t have to sacrifice everything you enjoy. The future may look different and you may have to forfeit a few of the former activities you enjoyed but you can also begin new ones that are better suited for you now and will give you just as much pleasure. Think outside of the box and be open to new adventures!

One of the best things you can do is surround yourself with understanding, compassionate people, and continue getting the community support here on this website. You will also find numerous, helpful articles and feedback from the community. It may be challenging at times but you are worth every effort! And we are here with you every step of the way.

💜 Linda Hoopes, Advocate

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