Navigating the Denver Airport


Vacation mode

Hey, how are you all? I am doing well. Today is my third full day in Colorado. I am being taken good care of by my friends. So far, we have visited Red Rocks and the Garden of the Gods, and taken a walking tour of Denver. Better than drive-through tourism for us VIP types! We did a little shopping, went out for dinner. As I said, I am well taken care of.

Arriving in Denver

I left off narrating the journey here with boarding the plane from Charlotte to Denver. I spent some of that four-hour trip asleep. I played on my phone and chatted a little with the woman sitting next to me - normal passenger behavior for me.

Once we got to Denver, I took off across the airport on my own. I have a sneaking suspicion the guy standing there with a wheelchair was there for me, but I did not ask. Once again, I am not being pushed across the airport. I am capable of walking. If you have no objections to a wheelchair ride, I believe they could accommodate you just fine.

Finding baggage claim

I was able to find a bathroom before I embarrassed myself. My next goal was the baggage claim. I ended up asking people for directions a couple of times. However, then I discovered it probably would have been easier to go with the flow. Hundreds of people were moving like a slice of lemmings towards their bags and the exits. I could have followed them just as easily.

Oh, and FYI? I looked it up; a group of lemmings really is called a slice. Not to be confused with a slice of lemon, although that might be a good memory aid!

Following along and half seeing signs, I came upon the baggage claim area. The board that directed us to our baggage carousels was too difficult to read. I had several options to solve that problem. I could have asked another passenger or an airport employee to help. I could have dialed up Be My Eyes and asked for help. However, by that time, I also had another trick up my sleeve.

Phone a friend

I was texting my friend who had come to pick me up. She told me my baggage carousel was number 17. Rounding the corner, I found both my friend and the baggage carousel. Yippee!

I knew my bag immediately. I had tied an orange ribbon on it, and it did stick out. Cool beans.

Ready for the journey home

I have another five days here. My friends have some good things planned for me. Come next Saturday, I get to reverse the process and head home.

I imagine I will have a little trepidation. However, I do not believe it will be quite as much as when I started out last Thursday. I now know it can go smoothly. I also know the airlines should come through with help, even if it is not the type of assistance I would have liked. If necessary, I can swallow my pride and be pushed in a damn wheelchair!

In short, if I cannot be independent, I know I can still get by with some help. The help is out there, and I want to be out there, too!

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