Light Bulbs

The annoyances of myopic macular degeneration (MMD) are many. The issues of distorted, wavy views and the dullness of the colors around me are just a couple of those frustrations.

I can honestly say there is not a day that goes by where I don't have to deal with yet another aspect of MMD. It's certainly not earth-shattering in the grand scheme of things — just enough of an irritant to give me pause, to sigh, and then adjust whatever else needs to be adjusted. Yes, annoying, but doable.

A mini-crisis early in my diagnosis

I feel fortunate most days. I have an understanding husband who is ready at a moment's notice to do whatever he can to help. When this journey began, there was no hesitation on his part; whatever was needed to ensure a better outlook for me, he was on it. He has been very helpful over the past 4 and half years since I was diagnosed. Thirty-eight years of marriage has certainly had its perks for me.

One of those mini-crises at the beginning of my diagnosis was lighting. Anywhere, the lighting was my personal struggle. Actually, it still is. I am constantly adjusting lighting wherever I may be.

Swapping out the kitchen bulbs for LEDs

Mornings would find me circling through our home, opening all the window blinds. I needed to brighten every corner. The kitchen needed to be illuminated as well. There are no windows in the kitchen, but there are can lights throughout.

In no time at all, each one of those can lights was equipped with LED lights. This addition totally satisfies my quest for more lighting. On my list of things to do next: install under-the-counter light strips. The shadows under there are ridiculous and can be easily eliminated.

Improving lighting in the office and beyond

My office/art room also is a mecca of LED lights. I have an awesome desk lamp with LED lighting and 4 can lights above that have them as well. The ceiling fan has a light kit, 4 distinct bulbs shining bright. With window blinds wide open, there are no darkened corners.

From bathrooms to bedroom closets, there is a sea of LED lights showing the way. Visibility is of an essence, and together my husband and I have created a bright foundation with all this.

Reassurance and relief

Then it happens. At first I become very concerned; things are looking grayer and dismal. Has my myopic macular degeneration shifted? My daily eye checks have been good, haven’t they? Why can’t I clearly see back in the corner of the closet?

I ignore it initially (not smart), thinking I am not fully awake and that’s the problem. I will move on and I am sure it will be fine later.

The day progresses, and I hear my husband fussing about something. I come around to check on him and whatever is wrong. It is then I hear the best words ever: "A bulb is out in the closet."

With almost a giddy sense of relief I do a quick check. Of course, a bulb is out. Thank goodness.

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