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Clickbait: Seven Tips and Tricks for the Kitchen

You are the fish. The headline “Five Steps to Better Sight” is the bait. The goal is to get you to click on the headline and then read some or all of my article.

A brief aside, I am a sucker for clickbait on Facebook involving the British Royal Family. One picture of young Prince George and I’m lost for a good fifteen minutes, even tolerating the adverts. Just what the people who put together that album want.

Back to AMD clickbait. We click because we are all looking for the ten easy ways or the five simple steps as we deal with life after our diagnosis.

Some of the things that I have found to work in the kitchen:

Up the Lighting

There are downlights in the microwave over my stove/cooker a light over both pairs of burners. I use them. And I’ve added two tap light push lights under my cabinet to get more illumination. My husband thinks the overhead kitchen light is too bright. I think it is so much better than in our previous house.

Cookbooks and recipes

I seldom use recipes from a cookbook but when I do, I make a copy (big print) and tape it at eye level to a cabinet door. Easier reading. Then I put it in a plastic sleeve and stick it in a three-ring binder for future use.

Contrasting colors

Issues with depth perception creep into the kitchen when I pour liquids. I now drink coffee from cups with a white interior. There is a gizmo that fits over the side of your cup and makes a loud buzz when the liquid approaches the top. Bet a clothespin would work almost as well and cost a lot less.

Why are all handles black? It seems that every kitchen fork, spreader, ice cream scoop, or peeler has a black handle. We don’t have enough drawer space to lay them side by side so I've started color-coding the ones I keep in jars on the counter.

Measuring cups

The labels faded long ago. Now I use raised sticky dots. One for each quarter cup. Don’t need one for the full cup; that is obvious. Different color dots for the one-third and two-thirds.

Measuring spoons still need tips and tricks. Anyone have ideas?

Boiling water

Is it boiling or not. A simple, cheap solution is to put a small dish in the bottom. When it starts rattling, the water's boiling.


You can buy knife sets that use a different color for each type of knife. I'm too attached to my set to replace them.

Kitchen appliances

Sleek and simple seem to be the watchwords these days. That translates into hard-to-read dials. I use a bit of red tape to show "High" on the burners. The microwave's timer button gets tape to pick it out from the cook time button.

Any tips and tricks you use to deal with the side-effects of your MD as you work in the kitchen? Ordering carryout is not an option.

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