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Inspiration Exists But It Has To Find You ​​

My day-to-day activities are not anything overly exciting. The retired life I live has its perks. With being retired, my days are what I want to do, not what I have to do. Still, with this luxury of freedom, I begin each day more or less the same: with a cup of hot tea and a blank planner page. This planner is waiting to be filled in with “chores” or errands that need to be completed. Marking down each task gives me a sense of completion as I work towards checking things off.

Daily planning to keep things exciting

Every day, I try to add “fun” things. Fun for me revolves around reading my latest murder mystery, conquering the daily cryptoquip puzzle in the morning paper, and most importantly (to me!) my latest art project. Daily planning certainly keeps me focused, helps me stay on task, and helps me reward myself for it, by earning the time for the “fun” items on my list.

Planning one step ahead

Myopic Degeneration is always in the back of my mind in all that I do. Not having the clarity that I once took for granted, I am always having to plan one step ahead. That can mean turning on that overhead light, opening the blinds, or watching my steps through the house. Most days, I do not even realize how I am breaking down these actions, almost unconsciously moving through the motions. It is a working process that becomes second nature, almost. End result, making sure I can see it all. Clearly.

Finding inspiration

It is the same way I work toward my coveted “art time”. In the back of my mind, I am always thinking of what project is next and how to prepare for it. As I go through my day, working on errands and chores, I am always searching. Using these eyes of mine that are not really viewing the world as clearly as most, I am looking. I search for flowers by the roadside, fading sunset across the fields, or snapshots shared on social media, any and all subjects could be a possible shot of inspiration.

Countless possibilities to create

To ensure that each of these ideas gets a fair shot of being on my art radar, I make an extra effort to see it all. It is by stepping a little closer so I can capture the distinct colors of the roadside flowers. The evening sunset is photographed over and over so I can further enhance its view on my computer, thus recreating its splendor in painting.

There are so many snapshots available across the internet, each giving me countless possibilities to create. Each of these steps has become an automatic process, working to achieve a clear subject, working around MD to accomplish what I wish to accomplish.

Picasso once said...

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” These are words I feel I am living by more and more each day. Be it successfully achieving my daily accomplishments, chores and errands marked off daily planner. Ultimately my true fulfillment, my art, is where I feel my inspiration shines through. Even with the hindrance of MD, I am persevering and creating the art that I work hard to make space for each and every day.

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