Eyes as the Lamp of the Body

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light” (Matthew 6:22).

Reconciliation with poor vision

Boy, reading that verse gave me pause, for sure. By definition, good eyes are certainly not what I have.

Myopic degeneration has taken that away and given me more than I had ever bargained for. Day-to-day activities are constant reminders of what has changed in my life. Be it the challenge of reading a good book or maneuvering through difficult surroundings or straining to sort out what I need to see for my latest art project.

Through all of this, good is not the first term that comes to mind when I think of my eyes.

Good eyes

As I struggle with thinking about those “good eyes,” I have to think there is more to my story. Sure I have eyes that most definitely do not see well. Thankfully, I am able to use these eyes of mine to clearly see beyond what is really being physically seen, if that makes sense. Working with this idea, I like to believe that I am still able to perceive the good in my day.

Accepting my limitations

So by accepting the limitations I have and working to overcome them, I begin to see the “good” of my eyes. By overcoming, I mean, turning on that light to show the way. Or enlarging that font on my iPad to read that book, or carefully working around the physical obstacles on my path, and in this way, I can clearly see my course.

My eyes are open, as limited as they are, to seeing what needs to be seen. Working for the good of all that I hope to accomplish.

Striving for the good with my lamp

Turning this lamp (my eyes) up a notch is what it is going to take to keep striving for the good. Using my eyes, no matter how challenged they are, to do good in my life is what I am aiming for. To see clearly, physically and mentally, is what I am talking about. I can still show goodness and light even while I struggle through this myopic degeneration diagnosis.

Seeing is so much more than the physical aspect of it.

Myopic macular degeneration and depression

I could easily become depressed as I make my way through my days. Letting the dimming colors and “swarmy” views overcome my daily life. Begrudging those who can read what they want to read without assistance. Being jealous of those who boldly venture down the hiking trails without a worry of their steps. Or envious of the artist that casually creates their latest work of art without extra supplies to light it all up.

Finding light instead

Instead, I will choose to brighten my own thoughts, thus illuminating light and hope. Sure, myopic degeneration stinks, it is not really fair and there is not a definite cure on the horizon. But I am going to take this opportunity to light up my own lamp and make it work for me. Because in the end, that is all I can really do.

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