Acknowledging My Diagnosis Anniversary

This month’s visit to the Retinal Specialist was its own kind of “special.” Having become almost used to this routine visit and not really paying much attention, I was signing in for the appointment when I had a moment of complete surprise. 

Happy anniversary?

The admitting attendant handed me a clipboard and with it a stack of forms to fill out.  She explained, “This is your two-year renewal medical forms that we need for you to fill out.” My response to her: “Happy Anniversary?”

Where does the time go?

It has been a full two years since I started this long journey. Where has the time gone? The first year was totally a learning year, accepting the inevitable, coming to terms with the fact that shots into my eye were going to be a thing, whether I liked it or not. This was a “thing” from here on out. 

I actually started to relax a little bit, trying not to worry too overly much. I have been able to go sometimes every other visit before needing an injection.

Year 2 of myopic macular degeneration

Then, of course, the year 2020:  The year of COVID-19. Everyone, of course, was affected by this, but thankfully I was still able to go for my retinal specialist visits - with new restrictions for our appointments. I never felt as if I was without adequate care. Dare I even say I looked forward to getting out of the house, even if it was to this specialist appointment?

Hope for 2021

This new year 2021, began with a sense of hope for me. The vaccine was made available for the country, and life has started to feel a little bit better. There are still precautions taken: mask wearing, extensive hand washing, and some distancing as well. But maybe soon, things will be back to some sort of normal. Through all of this, appointments are scheduled and visits made, and injections are given (or not), depending on the results of the scan. 

2021 could potentially be the year we all come back together.

Celebrating my diagnosis anniversary

So, as I began filling out the forms again, I began marking any and all health issues needed to give this office a clearer vision (ha!) of my personal health. This gave me pause to think. Was this Two-Year Anniversary really something to be celebrated?  

As I was marking off potential concerns on my forms, again, I paused, "this is not too bad." 

61 years and grateful for modern medicine

I have come pretty far in my 61 years here on earth. Though there are many challenges, I am still moving forward one day at a time. These eyes of mine being the latest bump in the road. Overall, I can honestly say that things are good. Modern medicine has served me well. In my lifetime, I have benefited successfully with two cesarean sections, two complete knee replacements, two hearing aids to bring the world of sound to me more clearly. This latest challenge, myopic degeneration, just another notch on my belt. 

I have confidence in what can be accomplished and how I can live my life to the fullest through it all, COVID-19 and all.

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