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Last updated: March 2021

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd mention: I finally bought myself a pair of Cocoon fit over sunglasses with the amber tint. I am pleasantly amazed! It’s made a significant difference in contrast and clarity. Also, unlike my old “Clint Eastwood” Wayfarer sunglasses, the sun doesn’t blast me over the top or sides! I was worried I’d look like “Rocky Raccoon” in flying goggles, but no!  They’re kind of cool. My wife said I don’t look like a nerd in them. (She might have fibbed to make me feel better? Not sure?) Anyway, I thought I’d share more about these because they are better than other sunglasses I’ve had. Just reaching out to you, my VIP peeps!

So, what are they like, you ask?

Many of us wear pretty strong prescription glasses, I know I do.  Anyway, I always found it a hassle to swap inside glasses for outside glasses. With the Cocoons, you just put them on over your normal glasses. These sunglasses fully shade from the top to the bottom and also the sides. My old sunglasses allowed too much sun from the top and sides particularly.

Question: Should I wear sunglasses?

Answer:  Absolutely you should wear sunglasses anytime you are outside, even on cloudy days. They are not, however, all created equal. We’ve already discussed above, how these fit over, wrap-around styles offer more protection. Now let’s discuss the properties we’re looking for.  The lenses should filter out 100% of the UVA and UVB rays of the sun and be polarized. It has been recommended that for normal conditions, the lenses should be amber, copper, or brown. These tints help filter out some blue light (also called HEV). They also help reduce glare and improve contrast.

What was my reaction after trying them on?

Let me tell you, it was dramatic! Did you ever see, on the news or on social media, the video of a person who has been color blind their whole life and putting on the color enhancing glasses for the first time? Wow! Many of them cried with joy and amazement. It was very touching and emotional to witness. Well, that’s not going to happen with the Cocoon sunglasses. But still, I was simply gobsmacked by the improved contrast and clarity they provided, not to mention, the enhanced glare protection.

Here’s a few more observations I had when wearing them:

  • Taking my dog for our daily walk, I was actually able to somewhat see inside passing car windows, and who the driver was. With my old real dark Wayfarers, I still got too much glare and usually not recognize friends and neighbors if they waved at us. They probably thought I was “stuck up” and not very friendly?
  • Supermarkets!  I always had trouble reading the food aisle description signs until I got right up close on them. With these Cocoons, I actually wear them inside the store and am able to read the signs from a farther distance.

So, in conclusion, I got more than I bargained for with these sunglasses. You can go online and pick out various styles and tints (14 different tints with varying properties). I simply offer this up for your consideration and like I always say; I wish you well on our shared journey.

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