Enjoying Summer, Celebrating Stability

Last updated: September 2022

It is amazing how it is already summer, it seems like just yesterday the new year started. Hearing the phrase “2022” sounded so futuristic and now it's just another number. My mom always says, time goes faster the older you get and I think she is on to something.

Celebrating AMD stability

2022 has brought some positive vibes for me. In the 6 months of this year I have only needed 2 re-checks on my macular degeneration. In those 6 months, I have NOT needed injections. My last injection was actually in April of 2021. This is more than enough reason to celebrate this year.

In the spirit of celebration, my husband and I made plans. We would be joining my extended family, a grand total of 40 assorted relatives, for a fun-filled week at a lake just 2 hours from our home.

It has been years and years since we all have been able to get together. My siblings and their spouses, their children and their spouses, and a gaggle of assorted children, ages 6 months to 17. I was excited.

Prepping for lake fun

With summer plans in place, the pre-planning involved getting ready for fun in the sun. There would be poolside adventures and lake trips to be had. With this agenda decided, I embarked on a little girl time prep. A special pedicure with a typical seasonal color was on the menu. This kind of splurge is few and far between so I was excited.

It was an early Saturday morning when I ventured out to our local nail spa. I intended to beat the Saturday crowds and my plan worked. The spa opened at 10 am and I was there 5 minutes after. I quickly selected my color and was escorted back to the chair.

I relish the hour-plus that this process takes. Beginning with the soaking in warm water, to the gentle massaging of feet and calves, to the actual painting of the nails. Sounds silly but it is an experience to be treasured.

Finishing up

After the application of my chosen color, I was instructed to sit for a bit, letting the polish dry. This was easy, silly, mindless games on my iPhone and the time passed quickly. I was then notified that “I was done” and instructed to meet the technician up in the front of the store. Simple enough, you say?

This is where things took a turn for the worse. As I scooped up my phone and my purse, shuffling along in the floppy flip-flops they provided I made a drastic mistake.

The landing

I trusted these eyes, the macular degenerative eyes that somehow missed the dramatic step down from the technician's station. Somehow, mid-stride I realized the errors of my ways.

In almost slow motion time, I pedaled myself forward, arriving most dramatically into the space of a lovely woman getting a manicure right in front of me. Inches from her face, I apologized for almost landing in her lap, and she graciously accepted. I continued to the front of the store, mortified by it all. After taking a minute I quickly paid and left the store.

Another lesson, yet again, watch your step. What you think you see and what is really there are often 2 different things.

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