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A Bluetooth Keyboard Makes A Big Difference

Did you know it’s possible to get a full-size keyboard that connects wirelessly to your iPad or iPhone? Or for your Android device as well? I hadn’t realized such a thing existed!

A new world had opened up

When I discovered this, it was as if a new world had opened up. I now have the ease of the iPad, with the keyboard of my computer! It basically converts the iPad into a mini laptop, only better for those of us not wanting to spend the money for an iMac laptop.

A solution for stiff neck

I was using my iPad for almost everything, both researching online and writing. I found I was holding my head at the right (or wrong) angle for so long I developed a stiff neck. No matter what I did, it was always there. When I tried using my laptop, same thing! While searching for a solution, I came across this wonderful piece of technology. I purchased it so I could more easily adjust the angle - both of my neck, and the keyboard. The Bluetooth connection works up to 30 feet, much farther than I could read!

I can view the whole screen!

The descriptions say it’s designed for the visually impaired and mature aged. I qualify on both counts! It helps with arthritic fingers, which don’t do well on a keyboard on a tiny screen.  But one of the biggest differences I’ve found is that I can view the whole screen. No more keyboard taking up half of it!

Hindsight is everything

As I’m writing this now on my iPad using the Bluetooth keyboard, I’m starting to wish I had spent a few more dollars and ordered a bigger one with high contrast, large print keys. But this one is still better than trying to use the on-screen keyboard. When I bought it, I was only concerned with my stiff neck. Hindsight is everything. If I were buying one now, it would be full size, with the numeric keypad, all the hotkeys, and large high contrast print - probably black on yellow.

Different prices and sized keyboards

They are available from about $20.00 to over $100.00, with most being under $50.00. The one I bought was just under $20.00. With sizes ranging from the size of the iPad to a full-size keyboard. All of them seem to have backlit keys for working in low light, but the print on those keys varies from barely visible to huge. In different colour combinations.

What you want is probably available

It might take some searching, but what you want is probably available. Some have all the normal hotkeys across the top, some not so many. Mine is one of the smaller ones, but the keys are the normal size and feel just like on the laptop. It does have feet to angle it a bit towards the top.

Rechargeable battery and easy pairing

It uses a rechargeable battery with a micro USB  connection. There are others that use regular batteries. It was simple to pair to my iPad, and now when I turn it on, it automatically connects and is ready to use. It pairs easily with the iPhone as well, for those who are able to use such a small screen.

New and exciting inventions

There are so many new and exciting inventions now. It seems if you can dream it, somebody has made it and made it readily available. Have you tried something new lately?

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