Our Accessibility Feature Toolbar

You may have noticed that we have an accessibility feature toolbar added onto our site. This feature allows community members to change the size, color, or contrast of the text on the page. We’re excited to share this resource with the community and hope that you can benefit from it!


Where can I find the accessibility feature?

The accessibility feature can be found on the upper right-hand corner of the page. The button looks like an eye and the different options will open up when you click it. To close the toolbar, click anywhere on the page outside of the toolbar.

What can this new feature do?

The feature can change the color, contrast, and/or size of the text on the page.

How do I use the new feature?

The top row of options signaled by the “A” will change the size of the text from small to large. The lower rows indicated by the “T” will change the background or text color to accommodate different contrast needs. It allows you to use more than one option also by using the “A” options and the “T” options. For example, you can make the text on the page larger and switch to a darker background at the same time. To reset and go back to the standard options, simply click the reset button on the bottom of the toolbar.

Love a certain setting?

Great! The setting that you used when you were last logged in will automatically appear the next time you log in from your same device. If a certain setting is saved that you don’t like, simply open the toolbar back up and click the reset button. This will go back to a standard view and allow you to start from scratch when selecting accessibility options.

Questions? Just ask!

We encourage you to try the different options to find one that suits your needs or preferences. If you have questions about this feature as you use it or how it works, please just ask! We are more than happy to help!

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