Tiffany Clarke

Macular Degeneration Community Advocate Tiffany ClarkeTiffany is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. At the age of 22, and pregnant with her oldest child, she was diagnosed with macular dystrophy. After several years, insurance companies, and specialists later, her diagnosis was finalized at Stargardt's disease. At first it didn’t take much of a toll on her vision, but over time it became more difficult to see and to fit in. She could not find her place, feeling too sighted to be blind and too blind to be sighted. She struggled at work and lost a few jobs. She then got assistance from a vocational rehabilitation service in her community. From there, with the assistance and support from her loving family, she has been able to start a new and successful career as a licensed massage therapist, get visual aids and assistance, and most importantly she has learned how to advocate for herself and bring awareness to her visual impairment.

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