Linda C. Moore

Macular Degeneration Community Advocate Linda C. MooreLinda was previously an advocate on

Linda Chernek Moore, BA, MA Psychology & Computer Science, and an author for Health Union. Linda is also co-founder of the website/blog and founder/administrator of the Facebook group "Our Macular Degeneration Journey". Both the website and the Facebook group combine support with education. Linda uses her past experience supporting adults with various types of differing abilities and her past experience in teaching to help people with macular degeneration and their loved ones cope, adapt and lead ‘new normal’ full lives.

Linda does not have AMD. She was a long-distance caregiver for her father who had advanced dry AMD/geographic atrophy until his death in 2012. Linda has an increased risk of developing AMD as does her husband because they each had a parent with AMD.

In 2016, her friend of 40 years Sue developed vision impairment from advanced dry AMD. Sue asked Linda to set up a blog ( for her to write about her experiences. The website made it difficult for people to have discussions. Since Linda had supported her father and Sue and done extensive research, she created the "Our Macular Degeneration Journey" Facebook group which currently has over 2,400 members.

Linda lives with two dogs, one parrot, and her retired Occupational Therapist husband Dave. Dave specialized in geriatrics, has a background in low vision & AMD, and sometimes offers her his perspective from his experience. In her spare time, Linda is a ‘landlord’ to Eastern Bluebirds who share their lives with her.

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