Len Smith

”Macular Len was previously an advocate for MacularDegeneration.net

Hi, I’m Len Smith, a very “high grade” (Gleason 9) prostate cancer (PC) survivor, and I was diagnosed with AMD in 1994, four months after my 50th birthday, and I had the “honor” of being the first of the fourth generation (out of 12 total grandchildren) with it.

I’ve been very active with the Alzheimer’s Association (my mother and mother-in-law both died of it) for many years in spreading the word of when to get a diagnosis and what steps can be taken to reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer’s. And now I want to bring awareness of both prostate cancer and age-related macular degeneration to more people.

I’ve had a great career in health-related fields, being president of the companies that brought out Lactaid and Beano, godsends for those with bowel diseases. I have a BA from Union College and an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, and I’m very happily married to Patti, with a son, daughter, two stepsons of 25 years, and six grandchildren ranging from 18 to 3, and still riding several thousand miles/year on a bike.

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