Christine Joy Brunson

Macular Degeneration Community Advocate Christine BrunsonChristine Joy Brunson is a Pennsylvania Licensed Social Worker, who earned her Bachelors in Social Work at Northern Arizona University. During her undergraduate career she completed an international internship at Cape Town Association for Person with Disabilities (CTAPD) in Cape Town, South Africa. Christine organized a community event that showcased client’s talents “Cape Town APD has Talent”.

She furthered her education at West Chester University and earned a Master’s in Social Work. During graduate school she completed an internship at Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (HUP), screening female patients to assess eligibility for a research project that focused on implanting Motivational Interviewing into care for women who experience Intimate Partner Violence and problem drinking behaviors. Christine currently serves as a Medical Case Management Coordinator at Action Wellness.

Christine and loved ones in picture of eye

Growing up as a visually impaired, African American female from the inner city of Philadelphia, she always knew that she wanted to “be the difference that matters” and “a part of something bigger than herself.” After reflecting on Domestic Violence as a generational curse in her family, she decided to develop Purple House Project PA Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen, empower and transition women who experience Intimate Partner Violence. Since the development of PHPPA, she has held several fundraisers and community events to raise awareness.

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