What Can You Expect with Macular Degeneration?

For me, when I was diagnosed with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), there was a broad range of emotions.

Learning the realities of macular degeneration

Knowing my Mother’s journey with AMD and her eventual blindness, there was definitely a sense of dread. But it did not become real for me until the deterioration of my own sight became more noticeable, about 8 years post diagnosis.

Coping with vision loss fears and realities

At this stage, I became more fearful with mild depression which inspired me to seek support through counseling and supportive websites. As my AMD continues to progress, I am learning how to not only cope with it but to thrive in spite of the no-cure prognosis. It’s not an easy journey from despair to joy, but it is a critical one and well worth the effort. Here’s how it’s working for me (It’s definitely a work in process)!

I got EXACTLY what I expected - So will you!

What I learned is that if I expected the worst, that’s exactly what I got! However, as I was able to change my negative thinking and see some good in this challenging situation, I felt more joy and optimism in my life.

Defeat or contentment?

I had to choose between feeling defeated, frustrated and discouraged OR finding some joy and happiness in spite of my diagnosis. I had to get past the sadness of literally “seeing” a bleak future through my blurred vision every waking moment to being grateful for what I could still see!

Feeling grateful

When I feel grateful, I feel much more up-beat and positive about EVERYTHING, including my AMD. It’s absolutely an INSIDE job! I came to realize working on my “inner” vision was just as important, if not more, than doing all I could to stabilize my “outer” vision by taking eye vitamins, diet, activity and regular exams.

Turning a lemon into lemonade

We can take the lemon we were given, bite into it and let it sour our life experience OR we can take that lemon, add some sweetness and make lemonade! Even when we unconsciously start eating the sour lemon, we can reverse the sourness by making another choice.

YOU have already started that process by reading this article on this supportive website! Baby steps forward will get us to a better, happier place as we support and encourage one another.

What can you expect with macular degeneration?

What can you expect? It’s entirely up to you, depending on the choices you make. However - good or bad - you WILL get exactly what you expect!

Do the inside work to reap the outside benefits, then expect miracles (a shift from negative thinking to positive thinking)!💜

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