Remembering Questions for the Eye Doctor

I don't know about you but I can go to my eye doc and forget to ask a lot of stuff that's rattling around in my melon. It's so distracting!

What makes it distracting, you ask? You have to get presentable, plan your arrival so you're on time, then sign in and take a seat.

The waiting game in the doctor's office

OK, so I'm sitting in the waiting room, a little anxiety is creeping in, and I'm waiting... the interminable wait. I'm trying to remember all the stuff I want to ask about.

My reflection is interrupted when my name is called and I follow a smiling tech back to an exam room to get my OCT scan done. That finished, it's back to the waiting room for me.

It's time for the eye exam

Alrighty then, I'm back in my seat, tick-tock, tick-tock... more waiting ensues. I try to remember the things I want to ask about, I've got most of them but did I remember all of them? As I'm ruminating and trying to collect my thoughts, my name is called again.

Oh geez, here we go, following another smiling tech into the final exam room. We sit down in our space rocket type chair and the mayhem commences! The tech darkens the room and with one eye covered and glasses on, we take the eye test.

Trying to get the best score on an eye test

Let me stop right here and discuss what I do during the eye test. First question, do you cheat?

I kind of do. I will lean in, even if only a few inches from my space rocket chair. I will squint... am I allowed to squint? I'm not sure but I do it anyway. I will move my head up and down or a smidgen sideways to try and discern the eye chart.

I'm trying to get the best score I can, is this wrong? It might be, but this is what I do.

Numbing eye drops at the doctor's appointment

So next, our tech doses our eyes with some numbing drops and takes our pressure with some doohickey that actually lightly touches each eyeball. Then the tech might apply more numbing drops and before she leaves she might even add the dreaded eye dilation drops! Gadzooks, I hate this stuff!

Waiting for the retina specialist

Yeah, so now we wait for the superstar, the anointed one, the high poobah... yep, the retina specialist!

Pro tip here: Keep your eyes closed while you wait for the retina specialist, all those chemicals can really dry your eyes out. Plus, the numbing drops can make you forget to blink!

It's about to get real y'all! The smiling RS knocks and enters with his tech and after some pleasantries, may discuss how your eyes look according to the OCT scans.

My retina specialist then may apply more numbing drops to my eye and just prior to the actual injection (I'm getting Beovu now) administers the dreaded Betadine!

Getting my eye injection

My RS is a lovable rascal! He touches my eye with the applicator as he's rattling on about something and quick as a wink gives the injection. I barely feel it, only a slight pressure. (Remember, you always get the injection in the white part of your eyeball, you never see the needle coming... which is a good thing). He then judiciously flushes the chemical cocktail out of my eye, and it's over!

Did I remember to ask all my questions?

Yes I did!

How, you ask? I always take a written list and while the RS is discussing my OCT scans, I intermingle my questions from my notecard. The trick is remembering to bring your notecard! Don't laugh, I've actually made grocery lists and driven to the grocery store only to realize I've forgotten my list!

In a later article, I will try and make a list of important questions about your AMD that you may want to ask your doctor. I wish us all well on our health journey.

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