Planning For A Life With Vision Loss

Dreaming and wishing is what children do. Dreaming and planning is what adults do. You dream it, you plan it and it has a chance of happening. Hoping is akin to waiting for an outside force to intervene on your behalf, it's nice when that happens but it's unpredictable. I want to do all the things I can to help my condition instead of waiting for someone else to do some magic.

I can wish, but can I plan... a life with vision loss

I could plan
that might hold my AMD at bay? It was a truly great day when I stumbled across this web site! is comprised of close to 10,000 members who either have AMD or are affected by it in some way. It has been a blessing for me and I have learned so much from you, my counterparts on this wild ride!

Challenges we face with macular degeneration

I will try to cover just a few of our issues below:

Anxiety about the future

Anxiety is a window into my personal makeup, will I become my own asset or more of a liability? Well, I hope I can become more of an asset to myself and also to you.

I realized a long time ago that it's easier to complain than it is to offer solutions.  Many of us are scared and uncomfortable about what our vision future holds for us.

Fear of vision loss

I know some in the community fear their possible vision loss and might be struggling to accept their diagnosis. Is there anything that allowed you to move past the fear and truly accept your prognosis? Are there any tips you might have to find that peace in your diagnosis for those of us who are struggling?

Strategies to put into action

I'm  going to sprinkle in a few elements that have helped me and hope it has some benefit for you as well.

  • If you smoke, know that smoking is a risk factor for AMD. It has been shown to increase the risk of development and progression of AMD. Keeping this in mind, if you do smoke, consider quitting. You can use the drug Chantix, or patches or nicotine gum if you need to.
  • Keep regular appointments with your eye doctor and seek their advice and counsel on what actions you can take to help your cause. Like taking AREDS vitamins if prescribed, using the Amsler grid frequently and promptly informing your doctor of any vision changes immediately not just on your next visit.
  • Diet is huge, the Mediterranean Diet is a great one to emulate.
  • Exercise regularly and seek to improve your BMI to a normal number.

Planning for AMD

Create a plan of things you can do to help your situation. Start small and build up. Make a plan to succeed and, even if you fall short of your goal, you'll be ahead of where you are now. Pull back on your bowstring and let your arrow fly. Even if your aim is a bit off, your arrow will land further away than from where you are now.

Dreams, wishes, hopes, and plans

Wishes and hopes are fine, in fact, they're wonderful! They can be fuel for dreams and plans. Try to use them to set your course of action that will give you the best chance to keep the vision you have. Don't be afraid of the future. Be afraid of missing the present. Living is not about missing what's gone, it's about caring for what is still here.

I wish you well on your journey and hope you dream up some good plans and become your own best advocate.

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