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Should I Switch to a Mediterranean Diet?

I have been following a low carb diet for almost 10 years. Not the strict ketogenic diet, but my own version somewhere between that and the closely related low glycemic index diet. I began this to lose my extra weight, which I did. 60 pounds! It took almost a year, but since then I’ve easily kept it off. I feel healthy and have plenty of energy. I also enjoy this way of eating. A steak and a salad, or chicken and roasted vegetables are easy meals and available everywhere. Even the fast-food outlets now offer a burger in a lettuce “bun”. I’ve adapted to baking without sugar and wheat flour.

The Mediterranean diet for macular degeneration

I see my family doctor annually who tells me to continue doing what I’m doing. My health is excellent, the numbers from my lab work come back perfect each time. The only concern is my eyes. I would love to continue this way of eating that has kept me healthy all these years. But after reading the scientific articles advocating a Mediterranean diet for macular degeneration, I wonder if I should make the switch.

Would dietary changes make a difference?

But then how would I know if it was the dietary change that made a difference to my macular degeneration? My wet left eye is already stable with regular 12-week injections, thank goodness. My dry right eye has had no recent physiological change; that little grey smudge thankfully just sits there, so far. Can I keep it from progressing by doing this? Would it have progressed to wet at all if I had been on the Mediterranean diet all along?

What is it about the Mediterranean diet in particular?

What is it in the Mediterranean diet that makes it perfect for macular degeneration? Is it the healthy oils and fats? Or the fruits and vegetables? The dark chocolate and red wine?

What changes will I need to make? I would need to add whole-grains and legumes, cut down on butter and cheese. Eat more plant-based foods and fewer meats. I already don’t eat processed foods (except the occasional bacon treat).

Too frugal to throw out perfectly good food

I’d still use my favourite monk fruit sweetener or stevia instead of white sugar, but would probably not have much use for things like oat fibre. Or flax seed meal, currently, regular items in my pantry. I’ll at least stay on this eating plan for another little bit, to use up some of the more expensive items I wouldn’t  be needing later. I’m just too frugal to throw out perfectly good food. Either frugal or cheap! Perhaps I should set a start date.

Continuing with my healthy LCHF diet

I would love to continue on with my healthy LCHF diet, but should I try and see if changing it might help slow the progression of my macular degeneration? If I switch to a Mediterranean diet, and my eyes remain the same as they are now, would it be because of the change in my diet? Or would they have stayed that way with my current eating plan? I already include many of the lutein and zeaxanthin-rich vegetables in my daily meal plan. Leafy green vegetables, broccoli, orange peppers are a mainstay.

Should I make the move? Would love others' thoughts!

The thing is, I’ll never know. If my macular degeneration progresses or doesn’t, would it be because of the change in diet?

I’d love some opinions. Should I make this change or stay with what has been working? Has anyone else switched from low carb? Or to the Mediterranean diet?

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