What is MaxiAids?

A few weeks, months, whatever ago the lead video for MacularDegeneration.net was about talking watches. Considering I have been known to “piggyback” on the great ideas of others, I thought I would continue in that vein and expand a bit on the topic. To wit, I want to talk about products for us VIPs.

Once again, I am not getting kickbacks from these companies I mention. I have dealt with them and have been pleased...or not. I will tell you which on the page.

What is MaxiAids?

MaxiAids is a company my habilitation specialist introduced me to. If you need cool things to help someone with a handicap, there is a good chance MaxiAids will have something that will work.

What kinds of handicaps? Vision loss, hearing loss, orthopedic problems, they cover most of the bases. Either visit them online or call (800-522-6294) for a catalog.

Low vision and blind products and tools

Now let’s look at the "Low Vision Products and Tools for the Blind" section. If you need any Braille equipment or white canes, MaxiAids has them but they also have nifty things that we who are “just” visually impaired may use.


MaxiAids sells all sorts of magnifiers, for example. Do you want a CCTV magnifier? They sell them. They also sell handheld, electronic magnifiers all the way down to magnifying glasses like the ones my grandfather used. Want to see something outside or even across the room? MaxiAids sells monoculars and binoculars.

Talking tech

But magnifiers are pretty basic and common. How about a talking thermometer to go with your talking watch? Or a talking calculator? You might want a talking blood pressure monitor or maybe even a talking compass. Diabetic? MaxiAids has a bilingual glucose monitor. They also have an extra-wide, 550 lb capacity, talking scale. Of course, I don’t want to hear what the scale would say if… never mind.

Hobby tools

If you are handy and need measuring tools, there is a large print foot ruler as well as a tape measure with a visual display. Like to sew? MaxiAids sells a self-threading needle. They also sell a needle threading machine that will cost you the princely sum of around $3.00! I suspect avoiding the aggravation would be worth that much.

Kitchen tools

Need to do your own cooking? MaxiAids has Braille and tactile measuring devices. They have cut-resistant safety gloves and a “food pod” that you can fill with whatever you are boiling and drop it in the water. Then you just pull the string and it all comes out of the boiling water. No more chasing an elusive egg around the pot.

Label markers and readers

There are a variety of different label markers and label readers. Dictate the name of your medication to the label reader and then put the label on the bottle. Use the label reader to figure out which is which.

Basically, if a visually impaired resonance has ever needed to do something there is probably a product somewhere that will help that person get the job done. There is also a good chance that MaxiAids has that product in stock.

P.S. If you cannot find something in MaxiAids, try Amazon. They also have a wide collection of low-vision products.

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