A woman wearing make-up has one eye closed and one open to look at someone wearing surgical gloves performing microblading on their eyebrows.

Keeping Up Appearances

For those of us who can no longer see well enough to continue doing our makeup, but want to maintain that little bit of control over our appearance, let me recommend microblading. It’s an idea whose time has come. Many of us find our eyebrows thinning as we age. So we become adept with eyebrow pencils. But being able to see what we’re doing may not be as easy as it once was.

Very few gadgets to help with putting on makeup

There are few gadgets that can help with applying makeup, the main one I’ve found is glasses which have a lens that flips out of the way so you can see with one eye to put makeup on the other. But that supposes that we can see with each eye.

When I lost all my hair, including my eyebrows and eyelashes, the dermatologist said it was probably permanent, with perhaps occasional periods of hair growth that would probably disappear again. Sadly, she was right.

The decision to have my eyebrows microbladed

But back to the makeup. Believe me, it’s difficult to draw eyebrows on a face with none at all. No matter how many techniques I tried, one was always higher than the other. Or on a different angle. I bought a wig with full bangs, even though it didn’t suit me, and finally decided to have my eyebrows microbladed.

Lasts a few years

I began researching “cosmetic tattooing” in my area. As luck would have it, my daughter discovered a workmate had recently had this done. A personal recommendation was the best kind. This is not like getting your makeup a little crooked or off colour. This would last a few years, so it needed to be perfect the first time. I met her outdoors so I could see as well as possible, expecting to see the too full, too perfectly drawn brows we see on celebrities. But hers were very natural looking. I had found my artist.

The time and frustration saved is worth the cost

This is not an inexpensive procedure, costing anywhere from $500 to $1000, for a full brow, with another $100 or so for a touch up a few months to a year later. This may be quite different in your area and could be less for just a fill in procedure. It should last for a few years, with an occasional retouch. But for the time and frustration it saves, it’s a bargain.

Little pain, but tremendous itching

I was prepared for some pain, but she applied a numbing agent, and it was really no worse than mosquito bites. It did itch tremendously as it healed, though. Lash liner is available as well, but that’s too close for comfort. They also do lip blush or contouring.

Microblading is considered "semi-permanent"

Traditional tattoos use ink and are seven layers deep. Microblading uses pigment and only goes three layers deep which is why it’s “semi-permanent”. Mine have slowly faded a bit and I’ll soon be ready for a retouch. But considering it’s been about four years, it’s been well worth it.

Looking my best helps keep my identity intact

I understand this is not really all that important in the grand scheme of life, but don’t we feel so much better when we know we look our best? I feel having hair and eyebrows, even if they’re bought and paid for, helps keep my identity intact and my frustration level low. If you decide to have this done, do your research to find the best artist for the look you want, and go for it!

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