Three light bulbs resting on top of 3 separate platforms to denote first second and third place. The light bulbs are silver, gold, and bronze.

My New Favourite Light

Today I want to share my new favourite light as well as a couple of my old standbys.

A hug or neck light

It’s hard to believe how much difference this little $15.00 light has made for me. It’s a hug light or neck light and is available from Amazon.

I had put it on my Christmas list thinking it would make reading in my comfy recliner or bed much easier and brighter without needing to play with the lamp to get it positioned correctly and bright enough to make up for the diminished amount of light that macular degeneration allows my old eyes to receive.

Little did I know when I first asked for it that it would be the perfect light for knitting or sewing as well, and even small household repairs.  Each end can be easily pointed to the exact spot on my needles! It’s called the Ledgle rechargeable hands-free hug light and hangs around the neck with three different levels of brightness on each end. Press once for a tight circle of light, twice for a broad beam and a third time for both together. It even allowed me to see to tighten that minuscule screw on the towel bar!

Motion sensor lights

I began this article just wanting to let you know about the great new little light I received for Christmas. But then I started thinking about the new lighting ideas I had seen when I went to an open house at a new “luxury” condominium complex down the street.

So many things are now voice-activated, but the main ideas that caught my eye were the motion sensor lights along the edges of the bed, under the lower kitchen cupboards, as well as under the front of the vanity in the bathrooms. So whether you walk into your kitchen or get up at night to go to the bathroom, they light your way. These are lighting options I’d like to incorporate into my own, not quite that luxurious, home.

While searching for those lights online, imagine my surprise to find that there is even a motion-activated colour changing toilet seat light available. Now that is what every home really should have. Not quite my style! But now that I think about it, it could come in handy at 3 o’clock in the morning.

A swivel floor lamp

But back to my less dramatic lighting. Another of my favourite lights is, surprisingly enough, from Ikea. It is called the YPPERLIG, a swivel floor lamp with a swivel head. Just pass your hand under the light to turn it on or off and touch it to dim it. The stand is about as big around as my little finger, so it practically disappears next to my table, yet makes the newspaper instantly readable no matter what other light is available. I’m thinking of getting another for a bedside light.  The head could be swiveled to bounce off the wall when I’m folding clothes or puttering.

A portable folding lighted magnifier

My now third favourite is a portable, folding, stand up lighted magnifier. It adjusts to whatever height and angle you need with both a spot and a broad beam light. My old one is battery only, the new ones now available also have a USB connection. Closed, this little light is about the size of a thick deck of cards and fits easily in a purse or coat pocket. It opens to 8 inches high.

Have you found the perfect light for your needs? Please share for everyone what works for you.

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