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Life with Macular Degeneration Through the Eyes of the Community

Vision loss transforms a world once familiar to a place that's foreign, lonesome, and scary. Whether you have age-related macular degeneration, myopic macular degeneration, Stargardt disease, or a different kind of vision loss, this new reality is frustrating and challenging. Here’s what those in our community have shared about life with macular degeneration.

Symptoms are frustrating

"Can’t see to drive anymore, can’t read newspapers, I can only read on my iPad."

"Trying to find a curb and judge how high it is when someone painted the gutter yellow, too."

"My arts and crafts! I would make original designs and then transfer to wood, glass, fabric, etc. Now, I can't see a pencil design, so I have to do in ink (which means a lot of do-overs) and even then -it is difficult to follow the lines to transfer. And forget cutting a straight line in glass. And many colors are just gone. It's difficult and scary to use power tools that I've used for years."

"Night vision totally gone when in low light."

"Can't drive at night or read small print, and the floaters that don't go away."

"Double vision, can't judge distance, plus floaters."

"My eyes don’t work together. I have to close my right eye to read. I need high contrast, don’t see pale blue lettering."

"Floaters and fear..."

"Left eye is the one that is worse. Have depth deception issue. 😳😔"

Easy, daily tasks are now a challenge

"I had to buy 4 magnifying glasses to read mail or books. Even to read my prescriptions for refills!"

"Slower reading, difficulty seeing when I lean forward because of large floaters from the shots. Very frustrating for gardening. My uncle and mother are legally blind from this horror so I have anxiety issues."

"Very hard to see to vacuum."

"Have to have lights on in the daytime. Background color & print color, can't read certain ones (red print on any color background). Print has to be larger or I need a magnifier. I can't tell when things are clean or if bugs are actually being seen (that's more due to the floaters). Can't drive at night. Some days are better than others."

"I have minimal blurring so far but I can’t see dust and grime without using my bifocals. I don’t notice some things in my way either. But maybe that’s just me 😁"

"Dusting, washing dishes twice and headaches when I read."

"Can't drive at night. Don't drive when raining. Hard to wash dishes. And keep running into the wall sometimes..."

"Cannot see dust and crime on kitchen sink so more had to hire a house cleaner."

"Need help grocery shopping."

Many are dealing with more than macular degeneration

"Floaters and sparkly flashes; I also have cataracts."

"Lazy eye."

"Diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye, and other health issues."

"Vitreous bleeds 😰😰😰"

"Occular rosacea & a bad cataract surgery."

"Cataract surgery both eyes, incipient glaucoma, presbyopia."

"Fuch's dystrophy - cornea transplants. One a continuous problem. Dry eye."

"I couldn't wait for cataract surgery & my eye is much worse. I can't see distance very well or read. Ugh."

"Dry eye, cataracts, & floaters + nearsighted & astigmatism. Then I also have a host of other ailments (not eye related)."

"Diabetic retinopathy, optic nerve damage, had both cataract surgery. And peritoneal vision problems. Vision 20/2200 yesterday at retina dr and that's with new glasses. It's very upsetting."

We hear you

Thank you for your willingness to share your experiences and support those who are also on this journey. Vision loss can create a world of fears and anxieties. We hear you and you're not alone. If you'd like to share your story and help support others, you can do so here.

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