I Hate Taking Eye Vitamins

Hey, it’s me, your friend Andrea, who takes her vitamins and supplements religiously each and every morning before her daily workout.

Hi there, I have a secret to tell you... One might think I have little to no issue with swallowing these pills each morning and heading out the door on my morning run with a smile on my face. But, that’s far from the truth.

I hate vitamins

I hate vitamins, you guys! HATE. I loathe them. They’re expensive, they make me gag when swallowing them, and they upset my stomach if I don’t eat enough when taking them. It often feels like just one more thing to do every morning on top of the zillion things I am already doing.

Living a vision healthy lifestyle

Don’t get me wrong, friends, if ever there was a person more passionate about living a healthy lifestyle to save vision, it’s me. If ever there was a person who wholeheartedly believes in eating foods rich in eye-healthy nutrients, taking ‘right for me’ supplements and vitamins, and exercising so that the nutrients I eat can work at their full potential... it’s me. If ever there was a bigger advocate for understanding and nurturing mental health, it’s me.

Taking the day off

But, it’s raining outside this morning and honestly, I just want to lay in bed. I want to cuddle up all day and eat unhealthy snacks and not move. It’s been one of those months that seems to need more of my attention than there are hours in the day and I’m exhausted, to say the least. In fact, I was so tired last night I skipped a self-help meeting to lay in bed and do nothing. I rarely skip my beloved meetings (these I definitely do not hate), I just knew I needed to. And I knew that I’d pick things back up tomorrow.

The next day

Welp, tomorrow has arrived... I’m just having a moment today feeling like I wish I didn’t have to do all of these things in order to keep seeing. You know, like most people get to just keep seeing without effort. Sometimes that feels really frustrating and unfair. I have to remind myself that each of us has our own difficult ‘stuff’ in life. Not everyone is struggling with vision loss, but everyone is struggling with something in their own way.

Struggling to keep up the routine

I figure I’m not the only one sitting at the kitchen table this morning grumbling about having vitamins on their breakfast plate. This rainy morning seems like a great time to write about finding the motivation for doing the things we don’t want to do when it comes to preserving our vision.

I don't always want to practice eye-healthy behavior

I have to chuckle at myself each time I find myself doing my morning routine because my inner self is whining like a young child who doesn’t want to do something, “I don’t wanna!” I don’t wanna eat yet... but I need to so my stomach doesn’t get upset when I take the vitamins that I don't wanna force myself to take. Shoot, I don’t even wanna go running in the rain this morning, especially since it's raining.

Macular degeneration doesn’t always allow me to live my life the way I 'wanna' and it can feel overwhelming and frustrating. There are so many things I don't wanna do each day, but preserving my vision is of utmost importance to me.

Taking the vitamins anyways

So, I will. I will find my motivation for the things that feel hard to do every day. I will change my mindset because it matters. Every small act I take toward my health adds up to big results. I will because it’s something I can control about my diagnosis.

Keeping the routine for my eye health

I get to decide to be healthy. I will because I know my eyes need me to. My eyes NEED the nutrients I eat and supplement. And, they need me to exercise so they can process these nutrients properly.

I will because I know I’ll feel energized and accomplished after I do. What a gift this really is. I will because I am trying to stay thin and healthy... for my eyes. The thinner I am, the less pressure is pulling on my retinas. I will because my mental health is boosted when I do. Exercise and accomplishment feel so incredible and allow me the energy to make it through the rest of the day.

Staying healthy with self-love

This is a huge form of self-love. There isn’t anything wrong with taking days off and eating unhealthy snacks cuddled up in bed while watching movies. I do actually do that sometimes. I did that last night! I just can’t do it today. I have a to-do list a mile long and my morning routine is calling for me.

Knowing yourself and your needs well... knowing when to take a short break... is a wonderful form of self-love.  And, at the end of each day I know that I feel empowered by the control I do have over my eye health through diet, exercise, and by taking good care of my mental health.

Struggling to take these vitamins today but doing it anyway,

Andrea Junge

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