If You Can't Drive Like Me, Get Food Delivery

Not being able to drive yourself to the store can be rather disconcerting. You might even have visions of starvation, as somebody who will remain nameless had when she was newly “blind” and her husband was in the hospital. Nobody I know, of course.

Anyway, I - er, this person - got to discover firsthand some of the joys of food delivery. As long as the pizzeria delivers, starvation should really not be on the menu. But if you get tired of cheese and sauce, what options might there be?


First of all, let’s go old school. Meals-on-Wheels is still operating in many locales. If you are over 60 and housebound, you qualify. Meals are either free or low cost. When I set up Meals-on-Wheels for my father about 15 years ago - note this is dated information - they delivered a small, hot meal for lunch and maybe a sandwich or something else cold for the evening meal. It wasn’t in quantity - no second helpings - and it wasn’t gourmet but it served the purpose.


Now, something else old school: Schwan’s. Schwan's still has trucks in this area. I looked under door-to-door food delivery and all that came up was a bunch of warnings about door-to-door meat sales. That suggests you be wary of anyone knocking on your door unsolicited. You call them, according to Google. Competition for Schwan's food company includes Foodles and Yumbles. Yumbles is supposed to be for children only.

Quality? Dunno. Just showing you options. If someone has the opportunity, check them out and provide a review.

Anyway, those are the three that are said to deliver with their own trucks. The rest of the competition delivers by UPS or the postal service.

Amazon Prime

This brings me to what I did to keep the pantry full. I joined Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime charges a monthly fee. For that fee plus the cost of the groceries, you get to fill a box with as much as you can. You get to have multiple attempts at getting as much as possible in the box. It is all in how you pack it.

Prime Fresh

Although there is Prime Fresh, out here in the hinterlands, we don’t get it. That means no fresh or frozen meat or produce, no dairy. However, at least you have not been left to starve. They have a wide selection otherwise.

Local grocery stores

Don’t forget the local groceries. While the days of the kid riding his bicycle with a wooden box for your order are long gone, many groceries will allow you to call or email in a list that their shoppers will gather. Some places have curbside delivery but others deliver to the home. Check online or call and see what your grocery does. Remember delivery almost always involves an extra fee. That fee is often the same no matter what you buy so make sure those orders are larger.

To make a long story short, I did not starve. With what I had in the house, what I could get by walking two blocks to the convenience market and what I could order online, I made it through until my husband came home. There are options available for you as well.

Hey, are you going to eat that last slice of pepperoni pizza?

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