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Last updated: July 2020

Our community here at is a welcoming, reliable place for all those living with or impacted by macular degeneration to find information and support. But there are several different types of macular degeneration, and within those types, some very key differences. For example, those living with Stargardt disease or myopic macular degeneration (MMD) can often be much younger than those living with age-related macular degeneration. Similarly, treatment options can also vary dramatically by the type of macular degeneration one has been diagnosed with.

Those with dry AMD versus wet AMD

For those living with dry AMD versus wet AMD, the treatment options available are one of those stark differences that's VERY apparent. And by very apparent, we mean practically non-existent.

For a quick background, there are three general stages of AMD – early, intermediate, and advanced. These stages are generally based on the size and number of drusen present under the retina. You can have AMD in just one eye, both eyes, or have different stages of AMD in each eye. Wet AMD is always considered advanced, whereas dry AMD can be classified into early, intermediate, or advanced stages.

Lack of treatment options for dry AMD

So, circling back to the gap in treatment options, anti-VEGF therapies have only been approved for those living with wet AMD, the most advanced form of the disease. While it's a blessing to have an earlier, less progressed form of AMD, it can often feel frustrating for many people with dry AMD that there isn't more that can be done to prevent progression other than practicing good eye-healthy habits.

For more on dry AMD research and clinical trials, read our article: "Have Dry AMD and Wonder When There Will Be a Treatment?"

Are you living with dry AMD?

Because of these differences and more, we are seeking to better understand the experience of our community members who are living with dry age-related macular degeneration. If you are living with dry AMD, we hope you'll share more of your story with us by answering the following questions:

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