Hope Is Not a Strategy, It's a Motivator

Is hope a strategy or a wish? I gotta have hope, You gotta have hope, we all have to have hope! But I submit, hope is NOT a strategy. But it does go a long way in helping us deny the awful truth. I’ve heard it said, “You live your truth, at the end of the day, that’s all you’ve got.” I’m certainly not meaning to be negative here. I’m not a doomsayer. I’m actually a very positive, optimistic chap.

We need strategy as much as we need hope

What are you saying, you ask? It is good to have hope that they will find a cure for AMD or at least better methodologies than we now have. I certainly have this as a hope and I’m sure you do too. The keyword was strategy, I believe we need a sound strategy every bit as much as we need hope.

What are some strategies for AMD?

  • Establish regularly scheduled visits with your eye doctor
  • If you smoke, know that smoking is a risk factor for AMD. It has been found to increase the risk of development and progression of AMD. If you do smoke, consider quitting. (You could try the prescription drug Chantix, nicotine gum, or nicotine patches)
  • Diet is a big one! Consider leaning towards a Mediterranean diet, rich in leafy green vegetables and different colored vegetables along with fish like salmon. Limit red meat to no more than once or twice a week. Desserts like cake, pie, ice cream and cookies should be a “cheat day” treat, substitute fruit for these if you are able to.
  • Exercise is so important! It can be low key and regular or high intensity with recovery breaks.
  • Take steps to lose weight through exercise and diet. Learn about BMI and what category of the body mass index you are in, then strive to maintain the recommended BMI.
  • Managing cholesterol and blood pressure through the above steps or with prescribed drugs is very important.

Hope is our motivation for our strategy

Did I mention hope? Hope is tricky, too much hoping can become wishing, too little hope becomes despair. We don’t want to wish our lives away with woulda, coulda, shoulda’s. But that doesn’t mean we give up! Hope is a driver, it is a motivator and is fuel for us to use on our strategies. Hope is the carrot on the stick in front of we mules, maybe?

  • “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears -Nelson Mandela
  • ”It is because of hope that you suffer. It is through hope that you’ll change things” -Maxime Lagace
  • “Hope is passion for what is possible” -Soren Kierkegaard

What are my strategies for macular degeneration?

My hope is that my strategies are sound! And what sources for strategies do I have, you ask? Good question!

  • My doctors for treatment
  • My exercise classes and trainers for fitness
  • A new diet plan, my wife and I are delving into the Mediterranean diet
  • A wonderful and supportive wife and friends
  • Websites like Maculardenerarion.net and others for learning and sharing

Online support for macular degeneration

Last but not least, I have you! That’s right, I said you! What I mean by that is, I have been blessed to try my hand as an advocate and moderator for MacularDegeneration.net both on their website and Facebook page.

What does it mean to be an advocate for macular degeneration?

As an advocate, I submit stories or articles that pertain to AMD.

As a moderator, I read virtually all the posts our community makes on our Facebook page. I then try to acknowledge you, the FB poster in an affirmative way. Be it by answering questions, referring you to pertinent articles and subject sources, or assuaging fears and offering emotional support.

Has being an advocate helped me?

There are many advocates and moderators, I am just one of them. It is my honor to do this and I help myself as much as I do the readers...it’s been therapeutic for me. It’s pretty cool that in the eleventh hour of my life, I have been given a noble goal. I’ll be giving it my best shot for as long as I can. I wish us all well on our health journey.

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