A New Contrasting Color Phone

Hi! Back with another VIP adventure. In another forum I referred to myself as the crash test dummy for some of this stuff. I try things out - and get myself in messes! - so you don’t have to. Learn from my mistakes, guys!

Killed my Android

My latest snafu was murdering my Android phone. Ok, maybe not murder, more like phone-slaughter. Yesterday was a 3H day, hazy, hot and humid. I waited until evening to walk the girls but it was still bad. Since they put ridiculously small pockets in women’s shorts, I stuck my phone in my bra.

I never realized I was such a “hot” old mama! About halfway through the walk, my phone went “pfffffff!” And that was the end of that. The heat and the moisture did it in.

Changing phones

Today I went to the phone store.

First of all, the 4th of July is a great time to go to the phone store. There were five clerks standing around doing pretty much nothing. Lots of personal attention.

Secondly, don’t change phone platforms until you are sure you can somehow recover your data. I got my photos from Google but my contacts and texts are gone. They are floating somewhere in Android limbo. Learn from my mistakes; remember?

A new iPhone

I decided I wanted an iPhone. My other technology is Apple. I only had an Android phone because of the price. That said, my Moto was a good phone. We resurrected it about three weeks ago when the charger caught fire (perhaps a story for another time). However, what the trial by fire could not do, the trial by water did.

Enter my new iPhone.

Contrasting colors

The iPhone XR I got comes in colors! Mine is yellow. They also have black, white, red, blue, and coral.

The reason I got yellow was for contrast. You all know contrast is a way to help us see better, find things and not break or sprain anything. Take this on good authority from the woman who missed the last, brown carpeted step before the brown tile floor. Ouch. I put a light-colored throw rug on the tile floor soon after that.

Find my phone

So, yes, contrast is a good thing and I hope the yellow phone will stand out. I get tired of going on “find my phone.” But, here, again, “find my phone” for either Android phones or iPhones is a great, little thing. If your phone is always sneaking away and hiding as mine does, find my phone will sound an audible signal that can help you find it. My wanting to get away from it has nothing to do with the quality of the service, just frustration with my qualities of organization, memory and, yes, vision.

Accessibility features coming next!

I was going to go on to talk about accessibility features on my new iPhone. My thought was to learn about it and help to educate you all at the same time. This is not going to happen in the words I have left. Right here and now, suffice it to say the accessibility menu has 13 different features for vision loss. This number would be 14 if you include audio description for videos, a feature listed under media.

Audio description? Cool stuff if you cannot figure out what is happening on the screen. I did a page on this for my blog, but I can do a page here as well.

That, however, will be after I tackle the accessibility features on this new fangled phone! Ah, well...what is life without a challenge? Back later!

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