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Just diagnosed. Looking for help and complaining.

I'm already grateful for this group. Today I had my first appointment with a new opthalmologist. My old one retired. She'd had me taking Preservison for year. But today the new doctor said I do have macular degeneration in one eye, said I might need injections. I was struck numb. And he said nothing else. Fortunately I live near a great eye hospital, and even more fortunately, I have an appointment for March 15th. I would appreciate any suggestions for what I should ask them. I won't be going back to my new doctor. He had me in and out and I asked things like what about my other eye? What's the prognosis, etc.? No answers. He said his retina specialist will check my records tomorrow and decide if I do or don't need injections.
Whatever his office says, I believe I'm safe waiting for the next appointment. I'm 73, type two diabetic. It's under control last A1C was 6.9, previous was 6.3. I so miss my old doctor. I could not imagine her being so cavalier. Any advice is appreciated. I was petrified, but as I read more I'm gaining a bit of hope.

  1. @herbie thanks for reaching out and sharing your story. I am sorry your experience with the doctor was not helpful. Having AMD is a serious condition and it’s important to have a competent doctor that will answer questions and fully explain any procedure. Have you downloaded the Amsler grid yet? I am including a link to a printable one with instructions for use.
    Should you notice any change prior to your appointment , call and report the change. They will usually get you in right away. Please let us know how that next appointment goes. Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Sharon,
      Thanks so much for the quick response. Yes, the cavalier doctor did give me the Amsler grid. It does show blurry with my right eye, but I don't recall what it showed at his office, or if we even looked at it.
      After I went I read a few bad reviews of him. Before my visit I didn't think it was a big deal.
      I've got an appointment with the retinologist from his office for tomorrow at 7:30 AM. They couldn't say if he just wanted to examine me, or give me a shot.
      I'm hoping it's just an examination. I'd prefer not to get a shot because I have an appointment for a second opinion with a top doctor in our area for Monday the 15th, and I don't want to impact that doctor's opinion.

      Unless this guy says this is a major emergency, I'll tell him I want to wait.

      I really appreciate this board. I've been plowing through and I'm less
      terrified than I was.
      Great help.

  2. @herbie I am pleased that the macular degeneration community is helpful to you. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Blessings, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Or anyone. I
      believe I mentioned I have an appointment with a retinologist tomorrow and another with a top doctor Monday the 15th.
      I would prefer that I not get any treatment tomorrow. However, can anyone cite any major danger by avoiding getting a shot for 10 days ?
      When I see the top doc Monday, if he says I should get a shot, I will.



      1. Richard,
        Thanks for your helpful coments. I liked this guy, but I had my second covid shot yesterday, and I'm fatiuged and not thinking too clearly. And my wife couldn't come in with me.
        This guy was thorough and filled me in on everything. Sill, I did't want to do it today, and we'll see what happens on the 15th.



      2. Ed, I totally understand. I got my 2nd Covid vaccine shot and felt a bit off the next day too but was fine the next day. Just be mindful of any changes between now and in 10 days when you see the “top doc”, keep us posted on how you're doing. Best, Richard-Advocate

    2. Sharon,
      Thanks so much. I wish I had started with the other doctor first. I may have to make a decision tomorrow. I'm hoping he'll only want to examine me, but we'll see.
      I really appreciate your help and this board. I've gone from fear stricken panic to moderately hopeful.


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